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Friday, 3 September 2010

C-toma op round 2 confirmed - 16 Sept

Doc has confirmed that the next Cholesteatoma op will take place on Thus 16 Sept in the morning at about 8am. I told Quinn last night and he said, 'Yay, cool'.  He really is incredible.

The only thing he is changing is he says he'll ask for the gas instead of IV for his anesthetic, 'Cos the needle hurt!'. Poor sausage.

Here we go again!

And just cos, here is a picture of him 'meditating' on a rock up Lion's Head this past Sunday. He looks like Naas Botha because he wrapped a Fizzer over his teeth.

FYI CAPE TOWN PEEPS we are going up Lion's Head again this Sat at 11:30ish if anyone would like to join us...?

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  1. LOL at the fizzer, that's an awesome photo! Hope the op goes well