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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Quinn c-toma op round 2 tomorrow...

Hi all, Please could you spare a thought for Quinn tomorrow?

He is going in for his second Cholesteatoma op. We go to the hospital at 06:30am, and op is scheduled to start at 8am.

He'll have the same anaesthetist as before and will have our fabulous ENT AND the prof as surgeons.

Last op was 4 hours long, I am hoping this one will be quicker and less severe.
Please hold thumbs for us.
He is calm and ready and in good spirits. I think he actually kind of likes the attention to be honest, and he does deserve it.

We are just back from an awesome 'date'. Griff is sleeping over with the neighbours so they can take him to school etc tomorrow so Quinn and I went out for sushi. YUM YUM YUM. We sat by the belt and had 3-4 plates each...

 and then ended up having a wasabi eating competition. He ate a BIG lump! :shock: 8) At least I know no germs will be on him when we go in tomorrow!

Check out the 'tie' for dinner. LOL! 8) 

He finished off with a McDonalds McFlurry - so he thinks it is Christmas or something. :D

It was actually awesome getting some decent one-on-one time with him. He makes a charming dinner-date partner actually. :lol:

Will update once he is out of theatre tomorrow.

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  1. All the best, Jane - thinking of you and Quinn and trust that all will go well.