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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Quinn got a FAB report! *Beame*

I'm feeling *puffy heart* proud of my big boy right now.

You all know about his difficult journey over the last few years with his ears and repeating grade 4 etc etc...

Well he got a FABULOUS report despite everything and has really matured and settled down into his school work this year.

He got 4s for everything except PE (63% - because he can't swim cos of his ears) and music (64% - might be cos of ears too?).

100% for Life Orientation
92% for Maths,
90% for Science,
90% for Computers,
87% for EMS
87% for Geography
85% for History
85% for Xhosa
75% for Art
75% for Afrikaans
71% for English


In total 17 x 4s and 3 x 3s!

The teacher said, 'I have enjoyed being part of Quinn's progress. I know that he is going to be successful at whatever he does. Well done Quinn!'

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  1. WOOOT! Well done Mr Q!! That is awesome Jane - congrats to you both!