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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Been MIA

I've been BUSY!

Our nanny has been off ill for nearly a week and is now apparently in hospital (not sure what's up or how serious, I am struggling to get hold of her, but she had a terrible headache and was dizzy. So I am quite worried.). So I have had to bring the boys into work for several days, great fun trying to concentrate and keep them entertained, still and quiet!

So although I'd planned to outsource all the back to school prep to Tiny, and left it a bit late too, I have had to do it all (ARGH). Was up till after 12 last night covering books, doing laundry, defrosting the freezer after leaving the door ajar when it was last opened, mopping floors and all that fun stuff. I know some single moms work full time and survive without domestic help all the time. I have no idea how, really. I would not want to do this on a permanent basis thanks! :)

Boys are here at work AGAIN today and the novelty has completely worn off now.... at least school starts tomorrow, but then I'll have to sort out school uniforms and kak. Luverly! Send get well vibes to Tiny please! :)

Update on my ankle: 
I can now walk normally and can even run (carefully) again - it's a little bruised and sensitive still but otherwise it feels okay, which I am thrilled about. When the cast came off I was pretty despondent as it was still bruised, swollen and SORE. Also my calf was puny and weak and had NO strength. But some intensive power plate sessions, leg presses and lots and lots and lots of walking has got it back on track and the more I use it the better it gets. So it seems to be getting steadily better which is great news. I am even wearing a bit of a heel to work, something I couldn't do a week ago. So I a definitely on the mend now. YIPEE!

Update in my job:
I am still here and have been to a few interviews now, but nothing seems to be happening. I am hanging in here though and our Network Eng has resigned, so that will be a cost saving and increase the work load for me (further) so I might be able to stay on potentially, but I am still looking. I am staying hopeful that something good will happen at some point. I am not going to get too stressed about it. I am just dealing with stuff as it happens and looking out for opportunities wherever I can. Working hard in the mean time and not able to browse much during the day.

In other news I seem to have met someone in the past few weeks and things are going pretty well on that front too. I don't really want to say or think too much about it, for now, but so far so good.

Funnily enough when I was up in Pretoria my dad said, 'When you least expect it it will just happen, and it will end up being someone quite unlike anything you'd imagined.' and blow me down with a feather if that's isn't what has seemed to have happened. 

The boys have been great, very helpful and co-operative. Quinn helped me to cover his school books yesterday - he did 12 in paper. I was impressed. Q also made dinner for him and G yesterday while I was doing the plastic coverings and while G hung the laundry. Today they walked down to McD's to get themselves lunch. We seem to be working well as a team and muck in to work and play together which I am loving. They really are special guys who add a LOT to my life.

Hope everyone is well and sorry I have been scarce.

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