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Monday, 27 June 2011

C-toma Operation #3 in the Pipeline

So I got a call from our ENT 'Ollie' the other night (yup we are on a first name basis he phones me at night and we sms over week-ends etc etc. He is awesome - seriously if anyone in CPT needs an ENT referral use him! He is THE BEST doctor I have ever encountered bar none. He is skilled, professional, friendly and very caring. I love him lots!) Anyhoo...

He wants to schedule Quinn next op for THESE holidays. He wants to go back into the RIGHT ear (his worse ear) and do some reconstruction work and implant some prosthetic oscicles (those tiny hearing bones) to try to recover some of Q's hearing on the RHS.

We are going to try to find a way to get it covered by medical-aid. So he is doing some research to see what codes to use and how to plan it. Should happen in the next 2 weeks though.

If all goes well with this one, and the c-tomas don't return (please hold thumbs that they never do!) then this should be the last op, unless he ever needs a BAHA (bone anchored hearing aid - basically and implanted hearing aid).

I will update when I know more, but Ollie says this should be a much smaller op than the previous 2 because he'll go up through the ear canal and through the ear drum, so it's less major surgery, quicker and the post-op healing is much simpler as well.


  1. I had prosthetic oscicles implanted and it did help a lot with my hearing. Poor kiddo, having to have yet another op!

  2. I really hope all turns out well. Sounds like the best type of doctor - the caring type.

  3. Thanks guys. Wow Mel so did/do you actually have Cholesteatoma too? I know you often struggle with your ears, but I didn't realise you have been through the exact same thing... it's a shame you still have so many issues though... maybe you should come see our ENT?