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Monday, 11 July 2011

Quinn's next op is tomorrow - our c-toma journey so far

So Quinn goes in for his 3rd (actually he has reminded me it is his 4th as the first was an ear cleaning under general anaesthetic in 2008 when his ears were sore and seeping and the original ENT couldn't work on it or see what was going on without Quinn being in extreme pain, so he did an 'op' just to do a cleaning and investigation and that's when the Cholesteatoma was first discovered) C-toma op tomorrow morning.

We need to be at the hospital at 06:30am. Yikes, not much fun in mid winter!  As usual Quinn is quietly confident and even slightly enthusiastic about the procedure - this time particularly since he is really hoping our lovely Doc does manage to restore some of his lost hearing, since it is now quite apparent that he has a functional hearing loss, and I usually have to raise my voice to get his attention and often have to repeat myself to him.

Please spare a thought for Quinn tomorrow morning that the op goes well and most importantly that there is no recurrence of the dreaded C-toma in either of his ears. That's my main worry. Getting hearing back would be great, but having the Cholesteatoma STAY away is the main priority for me.


If you are interested I have linked to our whole journey with Cholesteatoma as we have experienced it, in blog-post links, in chronological order below:

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