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Monday, 11 July 2011

Surf's Up!

My work has been incredibly super duper busy and stressful  recently and that has been pretty much all consuming, to the point that the boys have just been home every day of the holidays. (Yesterday Q told me it was his first time in a car for over a week! Oops.).  I was also told that I am not as much fun as I used to be and that I am always rushed and too busy. :(

Anyway with Quinn's next op coming up and the weather being simply stunning this week-end we decided to make the most of the gorgeous but fleeting mid-winter weather in Cape Town and went to Muizenberg. I had a surf lesson voucher for a few months and it seemed a perfect opportunity to make use of it. I was planning on watching the boys and taking photos and soaking up some sunshine on the beach. But due to some expert coaxing from the instructor and the boys - and taking the no fun comment into account - I decided what the hell and decided to join in too!

We had, So. Much. Fun! Quinn is quite the surfing pro and was up riding waves from the start and even got to 'pump the board and do some direction changes etc. Griffin was not too bad either and got up fairly quickly and well. He was just in heaven and enjoyed and participated in the whole thing a lot more than I expected. I mostly sucked (unsurprisingly), but as usual I had so much fun, that I didn't care, and it didn't matter. I did get up and balanced enough to ride more than a few meters about 5 times anyway and yelled and whooped like a twit each time! It was such a rush. I can see how it can become addictive. Each time you get up your first thought is MOOOAAAR!

The boys thanked me so many times for taking them. And for going in with them too. They just loved it. Afterwards we had Sinnfull Ice-creams and Griff declared it the best day ever!!

Sadly we have no photos, but then who wants to see me in a wet suit anyway!? ;)

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