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Monday, 13 June 2011

Granny Update

I've been to visit with my gran a few more times now... so here's an update.

While Granny Better remains old and frail (she is very very thin and has no appetite at all) and does tire easily, she is still sharp as a pin, and has an incredible memory and naughty sparkling wit.

When we all arrived yesterday afternoon (about 8 of us in all!) she was sleeping. When she woke up she was a bit disoriented (UNDERSTANDABLY!) asked if we'd been called to her bedside cos they thought it was the end for her. We assured her that was not the case and we were there simple to visit with her lovely self.

Later on when we told her Cathy was flying back to Pretoria shortly she said, 'Sorry I dragged you all down here and now I didn't die after all!'. It was shockingly funny. She is such a character! I told her that I think I speak for everyone when I say we just wanted to wish her well and BE with her and we were all glad to have that chance to do that now, and were indeed glad to not be leaving it too late.

The hospital has started getting her up and out of bed a little today and it seems she was up in a chair to be fed lunch today. Being up was exhausting for her though and I think she is surprised at how little strength and energy she has. Most likely from her lungs, from being laid up in bed for 10 days and also not eating much at all.

She seems to be doing reasonably well now, and seems stable and I think she will probably go to the place she lives at's Frail Care section in the coming week some time. She seems accepting that she will need assisted living now and is not fighting it.

The boys and I took her  fluffy pink grown and some nice non-slip slipper socks on Saturday which she seems to like. My uncle drying said, 'She needed those a WEEK ago, that ship has sailed now.'... LOL. Still she seemed pleased with them and was wearing them yesterday when we visited. :)

Cathy got her some Ensure, nutrient rich shake which will help her to get the nutrients she needs without having to struggle to eat solid food.

All in all she is in a much better way than a week ago, which is lovely to see.

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