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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Quinn in surgery now

Quinn is in surgery right now. He's having his 5th c-toma surgery. This is the 4th on the right ear.

He is having an ossicularplasty (titanium hearing bone implant), to replace the one that came out recently - they are trying something different this time and took a whole hearing kit & extra specialist in with them, to try to make sure they get as good a fit as possible.

He is also having a tympanoplasty (ear drum replacement) and grommet (tube) inserted.

They weren't sure whether they'd do CWD (Canal Wall Down - ie in via incision behind the ear) or up (ie up through the ear canal and through the ear drum)this time, it was going to be decided based on what the consulting Prof thinks & whether they want to drill in the mastoid cavity or not. There are some boney ridges in there which are tending to cause debris &  skin to build up etc, so the ear is not very good at self cleaning.

He's been in for 3 hours now... So I am assuming they went the CWD route.

Please spare a thought for him. And hold thumbs that they find no recurrence of the dreaded Cholesteatoma in there!!

Thanks :)


  1. Poor boy. I feel so bad for him, having to have this done yet again.

  2. I hope all,went well. Lots of love

  3. Thinking of you guys tonight Jane!