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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Back to School - Grade 3 & Grade R

So we went back to school today, after a long holiday - something like 6 weeks! It went by surprisingly smoothly and we really enjoyed it. It was just the last day or 2 that the boys seemed slightly directionless, the rest of the time they just got on with having loads of good old fashioned fun and playing.

Both boys were ready and excited about going back, they both enjoy school and learning and socializing.

I took Quinn in, DH took Griffin.

This is Quinn on the first day of Grade 1, Grade 2 & Grade 3.
See how he's grown! It has become a tradition to line him up against our back wall so we can compare his growth against the wall slats from year to year. It's fun to see the progression after 12 months. In some ways he has grow a LOT and in others not all that much at all. (Richard had his major growing phase at about 12 years old - I expect Quinn will be the same)

Here is a collage of the 3 of us this morning...
Quinn took his cake to school which impressed everyone from his classmates, teacher to the other parents.
Smile Smile Smile
I hope they enjoy it.

Have fun at school guys!


  1. Hope they have a great day back at school. Mine went back last week and not a moment too soon. LOL.

  2. He looks so handsome in his school uniform. The cake looks great - am sure his friends really enjoyed it.

  3. i absolutely HATED the first day of school! I used to stress out so badly! lol
    I am sooooo glad those days are over!!!

  4. He looks so smart in his uniform and I really like your idea of taking his "first day at school" photo in the same place each year so you can keep track of his growth...I think I'm going to have to use it too if you don't mind :)

    Well done on the cake too!!! I'm sure the kids loved it