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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Ok so here it is... Dirty Dancing

As mentioned in the previous post...

At the New Year Eve party we went to there were loads of young, hip and happening people (the friend who invited us is an ad exec)...

So after dinner we start dancing and I see this very skinny, sexy and attractive woman. Probably around 30-35? Straight harshly cut perfect blonde hair, long nails, skimpy black outfit etc. She was doing lap dancing type moves with her partner though, and although she was sexy she was just a little too aggressive and forward KWIM? Very stripper type moves and attitude.

Anyway so I point her out to Richard and he agreed that she was sexy, but a bit too Barbie doll-like and was going a bit far with the raunchy stuff ....

Next thing he goes off leaving me on the dance floor, so I am just happily dancing alone... and this woman grabs my hand and starts dancing with ME!
Okaaaaay..... I felt like such an uncoordinated DORK next to her, and def felt like the 'guy' in the pairing. But then she started twirling me around and then rubbing her breasts against me and undulating on me...!
Shocked Shocked
I was like OMG WTF is going on here!??? And I was all conflicted about whether I should
try to actually dance like that with her so I didn't look like an uncoordinated buffoon, or not - because er there were people watching.

When the song ended I high tailed it out of there. So I find Richard putting the kids to bed and tell him what happened, and that he needs to come save me.

His response....? 'Kids get the camera!'
Rolling Eyes Laughing
Oh and I have been told that she may have been testing the waters to see if I/we might have been interested in swinging with her/them!

What a way to end the year!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I think she was testing the waters too...sjoe

  2. Just shows how thick I am huh? It didn't even occur to me until someone suggested it yesterday. LMAO.

    And there was me trying to dance with her...! and then I ran off like Cinderella at midnight ;)

  3. Oh Jane Jane, just think what you might have missed out on :P

  4. So where are the photos!! ROFLOL!!!