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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Update on my infamy

Updates on my 'Fame at Last' post below:

I bought the Fair Lady magazine today, eagerly anticipating a nice read.... and I see they have used one whole sentence of mine. ONE. Woohoo! LOL. Lame... but still it's something and my full name is published. And I guess the radio producer found me by Googling from that so prospective clients could too... Wink

I was on the radio show today! It was a 30-min talk-show segment and I was on the panel giving opinion and responding to calls with Sister Lillian! ( She is a total institution in the birthing world in SA! WOW! I am honoured to be associated with her. In fact when I was pregnant with Angelique I went to one of her Your Baby workshops and found her very inspirational. She is practical, no nonsense and very good at what she does. She consults to almost every pregnancy related publication and the medical aids and and and, she is everywhere.

I think it went well. I stayed calm and think I spoke well and made sense. I was very aware of how calm and knowledgeable Sister Lillian sounds, so I tried not to be too eager to get out everything I wanted to say and end up being overwhelming or sound a bit excitable, while still being aware that I only had a short time to talk. Both Sr Lillian and I punted doulas a LOT. A dad called in and said he had never heard of a doula before, but he can see how the role could be very beneficial, after he recently attended his child's birth.

I'm not sure if anyone actually listens to the show though. But it was a fun experience! - I've been on a bit of a buzz since hence all the exclamation marks! Wink

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