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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Monday, 15 September 2008

More slings & arrows of outrageous fortune...

In keeping with this year of trials and tribulations I am having... really universe is there MUCH more you can fling at me??? ... I've been awake since 4:30am this morning .... *yawn*

I woke up noted the time and thought 'Wow, the storm outside is loud and hectic!'... thinking that's what had woken me up.

I closed my eyes again and then I heard a sound, but didn't think much of it. But then I heard the unmistakable sound of our front door opening - the door sticks and is pretty loud to open cos it needs force to shift it from the frame, and it rattles once it comes free (I actually emailed my handyman just last week about coming to plane it so it is not so tight and will open freely!). I still didn't think that much of it... I thought it might be our nanny, as occasionally she arrives lank early if her bf is on his way to town early (he drives a sedan taxi). She would then come in early go to the lounge and nap until we wake up. It hasn't happened for ages though, and they have broken up I think.

Anyway, then I saw flickering light, like a candle... and thought what the fuck!?

I finally realised, 'shit it's someone else in the house' and it was torch light... Not good.

Of course I was sleeping without pjs Confused and was thinking wtf must I do now!? I felt around and grabbed a long t-shirt, but couldn't find my pants. Damn! I didn't want to waste time though, thinking the sooner I acted the better. I wasn't actually thinking too much, other than I must keep quiet and Do something. So I crept to my bedroom door, flung it open and there at the end of the passage was a smallish black guy leaning over my hall stand and looking into it with a torch.

I just screamed 'GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, GET OUT OF MY HOOOOUSE!!!!' and thankfully he got a huge fright and just bolted back towards the front door, and then another guy came out of the spare room and scurried off after the first, they slammed the door behind them.

It was dark and happened pretty fast so I couldn't see much.

I briefly thought about going after them, but then decided it was wiser to stay put - esp considering I was still half naked!... and I didn't know if they had got anything. I also decided that I was probably safer inside and that I was lucky they had just run and hadn't come at me with knives or guns or anything.

Then like a total dork I couldn't remember the police's phone number, or where I had it listed and it took me a few minutes to gather my wits and get the right number. I was shaking a bit and not thinking straight. I called the cops and they were there within 10 mins. Pity I hadn't been able to call them faster!

While waiting for them I checked on the boys who seemed gone at first! Shocked The bottom bunk was empty... but then I found them snuggled together in the top bunk (they have taken to sleeping together recently for comfort I think, so I have left them to it, but usually they are in the bottom bunk). Thankfully they were both sound asleep in the top bunk though. (Shame this morning Q told me he had heard the commotion, but had though it was daddy in the house Sad Embarassed ).

Then I got some pants and shoes and a jacket on before the police arrived.

It could have been way way way way worse, but was not too bad... I must have heard them as they were coming in. They have taken my Internet gateway machine (which is an HP tablet laptop). It had tons of photos on but most of them are saved on my laptop too.

It transpires that they came over the wall. Went to my car - which the kids had left unlocked - we got home quite late last night and they dithered over the car while I was packing shopping away. Got the keys for my house from the car and came in the front door with the freaking key! I am not sure my Insurance is going to be too sympathetic Confused Sad I had also left my handbag hanging on the kitchen door, so right where they were, but as I went to bed I took it to my bedroom. It very nearly ended up being left there. That would have been terrible!

Also luckily I had noticed Griffin had removed the back door key from the door last night and I put it back in to check that the door was locked before I went to bed. So the key in the door stopped them from being able to open that one from the outside as that door is quiet and I wouldn't have heard a thing.

My sunglasses and a few CDs are gone from my car. I thought my 2 autographed Parlotones CDs were taken too (I was heartbroken at te thought) but I am thrilled to discover that they didn't find those!!!

My throat is hoarse now after screaming my head off. Shite, I think I would run away too, if crazy half naked me was standing there shrieking 'GET OUT OF MY HOOOOUUSE!!!' Like a freaking banshee. Wink

Kudos to the cops who arrived within 10 mins of being called - about as long as it took me to remember where to look for their phone number :/

Note to self: Stop sleeping naked!

But you know what? I am not going to let this get me down. Soldier on I will. I will take my dad's great advice on this, "Nil illegitimis desperandum carborundum" which stands for 'Don't let the bastards grind you down'


  1. Oh my goodness Jane!! I'm so sorry this happened to you! That's just horrible. I'm SO glad it turned out the way it did. HUGS

    It is sad that Quinn thought it was his dad hey :(

  2. Shitty shit, that is hectic!
    I don't think confronting them was such a good plan, even with the evil screaming. If they were armed they could have... well we won't go there, thank God you are all safe!

    Why are you sleeping naked when its so kak cold BTW?

  3. I wonder if being half naked and shouting like a banshee did made them run. But kidding aside, I'm glad everything is alright!

  4. WTF!!!! I am so glad that you are all ok. How are you feeling now?

  5. jeepers, u are right, it could have been worse. Luckily they got a fright and ran off. But still, bet you have had a few sleepless nights since?

  6. With the same shit happening to us just less than a month ago, I so hear you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hear you on the nakkid thought as I was asleep when the fuckwit unplugged my pc next to our bed... wonder if he was looking at me asleep on the bed?