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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Saturday, 3 January 2009

2009 going to be a good one.

I am adamant (ok not adamant, but going to do what is in my power) to make 2009 a good year. I didn't make a resolution as such this year but I did give it some thought.

Last year I was pretty smug about my life and how it was all going and decided I didn't need to make any major changes in myself, my life and family. OMG how WRONG was I??? So no more smugness or complacence for me! So this year I have decided my 'resolution' for the year is just to go with things and make the most of them. To take on new experiences and opportunities with abandon and not be afraid to learn, feel, experience, change and be vulnerable. So in a nutshell to 'Carpe Diem' and not to regret NOT doing stuff.

To start 2009 we did a spur of the moment sunset picnic on Llandudno beach with friends on the 1st. (It is very hard to find an open shop after 5pm on New Years day btw!)

And then went to Ratanga yesterday, with 3 adults and 7 kids under 10...

Previously I didn't go on the roller coasters and found them a bit scary... well I seem to have been cured. I went on the Bushwacker and Diamond Devil several times and didn't find them scary at all. In fact I was taking photos on them, and had time and presence of mind to 'pose' for the ride cameras too. They are really pretty tame. I guess all the extreme sports I have been doing have made me bolder!

So far this year has been lovely. I am not making any major plans or trying to plot the course or outcome of the year, but I am enjoying the ride so far and I am going to see where it takes us.


  1. U have really gotten yourself together, i admire your strength and courage Jane. A quality i wish i had some of right now.

  2. Stunning!! I absolutely love the photo at the top far right of the first collage, it's frameable!
    You go girl!

  3. stunning pix and a good philosophy

  4. I love the Bushwhacker! ITs my favourite ride. You need to sit in the front and then at the back. You get two completely different experiences. LOL LOL LOL