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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Look what I can freaking do!!! YAY!

So I was on a mission to learn this... and today I got it right! I practiced on New Years Eve (both inside & outside Beryl's house) and was nearly there and today I managed to actually do it! I am able to propel myself for about 30-50 meters now. I am not brilliant, but it's a start at least.

Yeah baby!

Now I need to learn to turn properly, and not freak out when it 'drifts'.
Shame I love how the boys help me, and give me a nudge to get me going.

p.s. It is a J-board AKA Rip-stick. It was Quinn's xmas present.

This is what is looks like.


  1. ROFLOL! Way to go chickus!!!

  2. Saying HI and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  3. I am SO impressed. I was looking at one of those in the store and wondering how on EARTH one balances on it! WTG. Oh, and happy birthday to Quinn.