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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Monday, 12 January 2009

De-worsed, re-worsed, may the wors be with you!

So after a FULL 2 weeks away on his family farm and around and about the Eastern Cape, with friends and family (and his children), J finally came back! It's amazing how much you can miss someone you have only known for 2 months. Sure I am still capable, independent, and more than willing and able to be on my own. But once you get close to someone there's something familiar and comfortable about it and it is easy to get used to seeing and being with a person and you start to crave it. Also the fact that I was invited to go along, but stayed behind in large part for my sister (but to be honest it wasn't the ONLY reason) and then her letting me down so many times and basically not getting to see her hardly at all, made it that much harder to be left here alone. I felt a bit abandoned and rejected actually (by her) and it made me feel lonely. Anyway I got over it and moved on and we had a good time here anyway. Plus lots of phone calls were made and sms's sent and the odd MMS too ;P - it all adds to the spice of life, and well actually I must be honest it is kind of nice to HAVE someone to miss, so I wasn't too upset about it all.

Anyway on Sunday that all changed with the return of 'The Wors' (long story but I have 2 very rude friends/exes/fags/Ken dolls or whatever you want to call them, and we ended up having a very rude and inappropriate 3-way e-mail discussion - in other words the best kind! - where the topic of Grabouw and wors erm, came up ;) and then some FaceBook status innuendo ensued...). So off the boys and I went on Sunday morning to spend the day with him.

It's funny, you never know how seeing someone after an absence will be. Well I don't anyway... with Richard I would always anticipate his return and in my mind it would be great, but in reality there was always something lacking. A stilted awkwardness almost. My relationship with him was always way better in my head. In this case I often think silly things like 'What if we don't get along anymore...?' Well on arrival I was greeted with a knee-trembling breath-taking passionate kiss. Then while the boys played with their gifts of some pretty awesome camping knives - without de-limbing themselves. We went up to change into swimming gear - or was that change OUT of it and then back into it again 10 minutes later..? ;) I think we still get along just fine ;)

Then it was off to the beach where we played with the dogs, had a good swim and did some body-surfing and then played in the sand. Griffin was in turn eaten by a big sand shark and then was a mermaid with big boobies (his giggling request), and Quinn decided he wanted a 'big winky'. *rolls eyes* Boys!

After all the beach antics, wheer I got very sunburned. Youch! We went back home for lunch and a nice long cuddle session, while the boys watched 'Barbie Rapunzel'. Later we went to the Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset concert where Watershed was playing. I have seen them there before and they were really good last time. This time they were ok, but they didn't seem that enthusiastic or energetic and there was no encore, which is very unusual. However I didn't really care it was fun to be there and we were relaxed and enjoying ourselves regardless. We were checking out people as they walked past, and calling out names as we recognised people so we could say hello. When I tried to take photos I was attacked, and had my nose picked, and was prodded and tickled until I gave up, so no proper photos looking civilised for us.

After the concert we went back to J's place by which time it was already after 9pm, and after far too much sun we were all really tired so we put the boys to bed, and we went to bed to read.

I love how naturally and comfortably days like this unfold.

On Monday I woke up VERY late and had to rush home to drop of the boys and dog and do a quick change before getting to work 30 mins late. Oops!


  1. J sounds absolutely fabulous!!
    And that picnic story looks like it was a great day out.

  2. It sounds just wonderful. Enjoy it so very very much.

  3. WOW Jane that sounds totally amazing!!!!

  4. U are in such a fantastic place right now, its really good to see. You so deserve it.