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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

I heart Spike

Customer Service still exists out there, and in the most surprising place too.

Years ago I had a Ford Laser. The brakes were grinding so I took it to a place called 'Brake & Clutch'. Makes sense right? Anyway they decided the disks were worn and needed skimming. But on a Ford Lazer if you take the disks off they get damaged, so they'd need replacing... at R3500. This was around 10 years ago hey! I said 'No freaking way!' and took my business elsewhere.

I phoned around and found the lovely Spike in Pinelands. Yes, that is his real name. He talks to you clearly, and in English and not condescendingly or like you are retarded (Since I do know a thing or 2 about cars). He explained that he could do the same job for R600. Because although yes the disks did indeed need skimming, and yes they would be damaged if removed, he could and would skim them ON the car. Cool, Sold!

I was thrilled with the service and the MASSIVE saving. Since then I took my car to Spike every time it needed anything. He would always diagnose, explain, give options and make a recommendation. Spike is fabulous. You know he is telling the truth and he has total unequivocal integrity. I mean he is the kind of guy who will drive your car with knees around his ears so as not to mess with your settings. So when you get in it, your car is just the way you left it.

He is always friendly, polite, courteous and simply nice. Always happy to drop you off, and collect you again. And the prices are never shocking. Ever.

In 2004 I sold my Ford and got a Hyundai Elantra. I serviced it with Spike. One day the distrubutor packed in and I NEEDED the car that day. I called Spike. But that part (Distributor cap) is not a spare they carry and it would need to be ordered. Damn. I had no choice so I placed the order. I was about to cancel all my meetings for the day, when he called back to say as luck would have it that had another Hyundai in having distributor work done, and if I come over now they'd use that cars new distributor for me, and the newly ordered one could go in that car later. 30 minutes later I was sorted and on my way... No extra charge at all. He is THAT amazing.

Anyway, I had not been there for years. I got my Panda in 2006 and don't think I was there for 1-2 years beore that.

Last week my brakes on the Panda started grinding. Fiat wanted about R1400 to replace them... *sigh* I phoned a few places looking for spares and getting quotes, when I finally remembered good old Spike. I was told he was away on leave but I booked the car in for today anyway.

This morning I arrived and there he was. He knew my name and said, 'You work at Old Mutual don't you, and drive a Hyundai?' Holy CRAP how is that for a memory?? I had to update his impressive memory database with my new info and I left him with my Panda.

He phoned later to tell me there was a slight problem and that those brake pads are not really available outside the dealerships yet, because the car is still so new and relatively uncommon, but that the brakes are not that bad, but I'd probably need to go to the dealer sooner or later.

When I was collected to fetch my car he surprised me by telling me he had managed to make a plan with some local pads and my car was now good to go for another few years, total cost R550. And my car was all washed and clean and lovely.

Spike is da man!


  1. Spike sounds awesome please post his number so we can also use him.

  2. Meriel he is at Greenside Service Station at the Total Garage between Howard Drive (by P'nP) and Sunrise Circle Ndabeni. Right near Merry Pack and Print. 021 531-1670.


  3. Moaning Myrtle15 July 2009 at 12:15

    Nice to know you still get some good people and good service somewhere :)

  4. i need to find me a Spike