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Monday, 31 May 2010

Serendipitous Debauchery

So I joined a friend to watch the all important Super 14 Rugby final on Saturday. It was a relaxed braai & pub type atmosphere at the Oceana Boat club... all good. While there I met another friend who was 'birthday boy' that day and clearly rather connected. Anhoo long story short I ended up being invited to tag along to his birthday bash later that night. We were all like 'yeah we may swing by if we feel like it'. The boys were at freinds and I was mean to collect them at 9ish. The party was 'on a boat'. Cool.

Next thing I get an sms asking if the boys can sleep over, and after a restrained 'HELL YEAH!' response from me, we ambled over to find this 'boat', only to discover it is actually a freaking 35m Motor Yacht the 'Nautilus' which was apparently auctioned for R4.5M last year and has since been fully refurbished. It charters for something mad like R95k a day. Yoh!

Although I did not have the boots nor the boobs to compete with any of the other bombshells aboard, I did manage to impress with my general misbehavior and tequila drinking skills.

From what I remember so much of fun was had... the below evidence seems to supports this! Oh my!
That was one smoking hot sexy chic! ;)


  1. WOOOHOO! So much of fun :)

    Sometimes we need a little debauchery!!

  2. Just what the doctor ordered for you to relax a bit.