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Thursday, 13 October 2011

*Dance of Joy* Quinn's ears

Guess what!?

Yesterday was 3 months since Quinn has his prosthetic titanium osciccles (tiny ear hearing bones) inserted to try to correct the hearing in his right ear after he lost all the osciccles to Cholesteatoma last year.

After his 2x c-toma ops his right ear was hearing 5-60% and his left ear about 90%.

Anyway, I took him to the audiologist for his post-op follow up hearing test now that it has had a chance to settle and heal and...

His right ear is now his better ear!!! (It's not brilliant across the entire auditory spectrum for for the speech frequencies it is working great)

So he has proper functional hearing now!!*
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Our fabulous ENT Dr Raynham was so thrilled with the news when we went to see him afterwards. Gosh I could never repay him for all he has done for us. He is our hero for sure!

I am beyond thrilled with this news. I honestly had very little in terms of expectations for this op, and my main and major concern was just that the dreaded Cholesteatoma had not returned For me any improved hearing was a bonus prize. So I had NO expectations that it would not only help but make this ear BETTER than his 'good' ear. I am blown away! :) :)

*Guess what this child of mine said on hearing this though!? 'Oh, darn, I wanted to get a hearing aid' :roll: :roll: I told him he really doesn't and just like crutches the idea is cool but in reality the novelty would wear of really fast!

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