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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Quinn is becoming a tweenie

Quinn is growing up so much.

He is definitely a tweenie now, I chatted to him on the phone while he was driving back from a scout camp (so other people were in earshot).
Me: 'I love you!' 
Quinn: 'Ok... bye.'
Hahaha. I find that kinda cute and funny.

He is developing his own sense of style (complete with Justin Bieber long flickable fringe LOL) and flare.
He is also becoming a brilliant cook. He has a natural flare and knows how to cook things, flavour them and present them well. His eggs are by far better than most breakfasts served at restaurants. To the point that I have told him I'd rather pay him to cook than eat a breakfast out. Really!

I got a series of Master Chef for him to watch and as I suspected he found it really inspirational. So yesterday he baked muffins and I was presented with one - plated beautifully and with a sprinkle of icing sugar to decorate it. It was really good. He enjoyed my Gordon Ramsay impressions when I appraised it, and finally declared it. 'Perfect. Yes'.

Quinn and I continue to have a love-hate relationship. He is either driving me up the wall or melting my heart. But these days it's definitely much more of the latter. He is a quirky, funny, clever, entertaining, talented, strong-willed, creative, and responsible young man. I love him and am proud and privileged to have him as my son.

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