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Monday, 10 October 2011

Quinn the Master Chef

Quinn has been developing his cooking skills for a while and as suspected when I bought home a series of Master Chef he was very inspired by it.

He is also becoming a brilliant cook. He has a natural flare and knows how to cook things, flavour them and present them well.

During the school holidays he made some DELICIOUS chocolate muffins - he brought one to me beautifully plated with a sprinkling of icing sugar and it was delectable! He enjoyed my Gordon Ramsay impressions when I appraised it, and finally declared it. 'Perfect. Yes'.

The other morning he made himself a 3-egg omelette with cheese, ham spring onion & tomato. He was very impressed with how it came out...
His food is really delicious actually and his eggs in particular are better than 90% of restaurant's - really. To the point that I have told him I'd rather pay him to cook than eat a breakfast out. He has a real flair for it.

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