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Thursday, 3 October 2013

We're all mad here!

We have a really cool bunch of people here at work. We work in one of those big corporates where it is so easy to become beige and boring, but the spirit, gees and colourful 'personality' our group has is really wonderful. We work-hard, play-hard and BRING IT! to whatever we do. Long hours are worked and because for many they spend the greater portion of their lives here they make a point of making it pleasant to be here. There is much friendship, fun and camaraderie.

During this year we had to move out of our cool corner of the building offices. Offices where we had gorgeous views of the mountain, and had set the place up to suit us and had our own rules (including our own desktop support guy to avoid the wait and frustrations of the standard corporate rules and regulations). We moved into the centre of the building and into a completely open plan and 'vanilla' area. There really was no personality or vibe there at all. But the one wall had a mountain image wall papered all over it...

It didn't take long for the wallpaper to start being decorated. Slowly but surely there are eagles, fish, bats, lions, meerkats and monkeys appearing on the mountain.

When I came back from my Borneo Mountain expedition in May I appeared up there, and there is now even a flying pig!

It just quietly happens, there's no planning, discussion or comment. Things just appear there.

Bokkies, leaping guys, birds, hedgehogs, butterflies, hikers, 4x4s etc.
Elephant & Bat
Flying Pig!
3D soaring Eagle and me summiting Mt Kinabalu!

Most recently there have had an ongoing silent saga with a monkey (I put him up in the first place). He has been brutally bullied and victimised. At first I put him comfortably nestled in the hills. Then he was suddenly on the other side on a plain painted wall. I put him back several times over the next few days. He kept reappearing on the opposite wall again. Then one day he was on the microwave. Next day he was in the freezer. Then he was found precariously placed on the guillotine, right under the blade!!

Eventually someone gave him a banana after he cried out for help in desperation.

THIS is what we are about and this is what makes us AWESOME!

I love this kind of thing!! :)

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