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Monday, 24 November 2014

But that's not all...

In addition to the things in the last 'Monday monday' post:
- I had to wear a breastpad as a pantyliner this morning because I couldn't find a pantyliner.
- I didn't wear breastpads, and then 'forgot' aout going to express while wrking until I realised I had anice wet patch forming on my shirt! Thankfully it is dark coloured so not too visible!
- On going down to express about 3 people I walk with saw me going into the darkened doctor's office, closing and locking the door. They don't know I express so I can only imagine what they thing I was doing in there! ;)
- Then while I was expressing - nearing the end thank goodness - the doctor arrived and tried to open the door. So I had pumpus interuptis and had to cut the session short and scuttle out. 9I am supposed to check to make sure there are no imminent appointment before using the room, but today I just dashed in when I saw i was free).

Oh and the car I borrowed has NO petrol left so I need to find a garage asap before I can go home.


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