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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Buzzing around!

Why have I been so quiet recently?

I AM BUSY! Busy, busy, BUSY.

Last week I was in an adrenalin rushed-panic lurching from one thing to the next. I was buggered and not very happy by the week-end. To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement. But already this week I feel clamer and more in control again, so why have I been so busy you might wonder..?

I have actually been a bit manic in the past week or 2. Thankfully A is calm and unflappable and doesn't seem to have been too affected by my state of panic and hysteria in the past weeks. In his words 'everything will be ok'. But OMG there has just been TOO much on the go!!!

- I started a new job last Monday, It's a 30km, +-45min commute, and it's a fairly hectic position. No one here knows I have had a baby, so I have to pretend to be functional, calm and well rested HAHAHAA. Plus I have to sneak off to go express milk. I am only managing to do that once a day though. We'll have to supplement with formula because I am just not going to be able to keep up with the demand sadly. But so be it. 
- It was Griffin's 13th birthday last week and I had to do a party for him, and get and send stuff for school, and took him out for dinner and arange a gift and make a fuss over him etc. I think I pulled it off and he was thrilled with his go-karting party, and hand-me-down laptop from me.
- It's exams for both boys this week. Say no more!
- A's long-standing domestic (X) who was lined up to be nanny from the beginng of November had a stroke in mid-Oct!!!!! She seems ok and to be on the mend now but was off for 3-4 weeks and is still weak and tired. We have a friend of hers helping out now, and have had to get used to her, not sure if she is the best, but at least there's someone to help out for now...
- Then we decided to rent my house out for Dec & Jan. But some things needed fixing first so this week and last the kitchen was being refreshed and painting being done etc etc, and I have to clean, organise and move stuff out any spare moment I have. Still have loads to do. The tenants want to move on the same day as ...
- The American Thankgiving feast which A hosts every year and which I am somehow in charge of co-ordinating this year!? There'll be about 30 people over, for the feast and about 3 families staying over for the week-end from out of town.
- My sister is having an op next Wed and staying with us for 2 nights to recuperate.

- I have finally put Quinn on Ritalin, as he was just all over the place and driving me mad, and clashing with me constantly. I think it is helping a bit. But all I can say is that babies are easy. Tiring but easy. Teenagers are much more challenging! Oi. He is either awesome or hair-pullingly maddening.

- And then there's the usual end of year stuff (presents, parties etc) which is fun but somehow makes you really busy and rushed.

I told A the other day that up to now I have been 'off' (on maternity leave) and just going with the flow but the sudden realisation of having EVERYTHING be different: house, job, body, time, routine, freedom etc etc was a bit of a freak-out and overwhelmed me.

Otherwise everything has been calm fine and dandy. 

Seriously though, well it all sounds mad, it's all just stuff, and mostly good stuff. I have nothing to complain about. Life is good. I just wish it was calmer, and I had more time and attention to give everything.... and some time to relax and just BE!

So basically all is well and job seems to be good so far. I am trying to get to grips with all the various threads and understand what's going on and it seems to be coming together nicely.

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