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Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Big School!

So Quinn just started his first day of 'big school' at Rondebosch Boys Prep School.

Everything went well, except as I suspected he refused to allow his top shirt button to be fastened, so looked a tad scruffy with open necked shirt and mom's attempt at tying his tie. ;) (His friend Delan arrived looking ultra smart with fully buttoned shirt and full-Windsor tie-knot. I will have to work on creating a good crisp triangle knot!)

We managed to all be up dressed and ready in time, and thanks to Tiny his lunch was packed and Griffin was in the car and waiting when it was time to go. After taking a few quick photos and then set off.

Griffin got hurriedly dropped off at his school, and I only just realised we didn't take any photos of him with his brother - shame! I'll have to do some tomorrow...

Richard, Quinn and I then set off for Rondebosch. Luckilly getting there was not the traffic nightmare I had expected, and we managed to find a parking right near the school gate. We piled out and Quinn loaded himself up with his school bag and his lunch bag.
At the school gate we bumped into some friends, whose son is now in Grade 2, so that was a good ice-breaker. When asked Quinn told them he was excited to be there. Although he hadn't actually smiled once all morning. I think he was showing his apprehension by being cool and guarded.

I did not even know where we were meant to go so luckily Mandy was able to tell us to take Quinn straight to his class. Which we did.
There were boys all over the place all looking very smart in their matching uniforms. Quinn had never seen so many boys, as normally they have been in class, or already gone home when we have visited before. He didn't seem scared or intimidated though, and seemed mostly interested and excited by it all. He was talking animatedly and asking questions (again about the sport!).

The Grade 1 block was bustling with noise and activity. We took a few photos outside the class room, and then headed in to meet his teacher Mrs Scholtz. She is the head of the Grade 1 year, and is said to be 'very nice' and 'firm but fair'. I think that will suit Quinn well.

Mrs Scholtz gave Quinn his name tag and said, 'Oh you have lots of friends here don't you?', which was nice. She helped him to put his lunch bag in the lunch basket and took the supplies we had been asked to send.

Quinn has at least 2 old friends in his class. Delan, from last year at Keurboom, and Blayde from his old school Madison. He also knows Patrick and Cameron from Keurboom, and Cole and Tristan from Madison who are in the other classes. There may be others too. Delan and Blayde will be going to the same aftercare, on the school grounds too. So he has a nice network of friends already.

We found Quinn's desk, which also had a name tag on it, as well as all the stationery we had ordered. He was interested and excited by all that and we looked at all his new stuff (chair-bag, pencil cases, huge glue sticks, crayons, sharpener etc - who doesn't love new stationery!?)

Quinn then started chatting to the boy next to him - William, who seemed very confident and comfortable too. His other neighbours are Matthew & Julian.
Neither Quinn, nor Richard or I shed any tears, and Quinn seemed quite comfortable about staying there. I think we were all ready.

One little boy was sobbing when we were leaving, as his mom had just left, and Mrs Scholtz was having to comfort him - shame poor thing.

On the way to the school all Quinn could talk about was the sports and when they would start, so I think that's what he is most keen for at school.

I'll be collecting him at 12pm, and will then take him to the after care facility for a look around and to make all the arrangements. From tomorrow he will go to aftercare straight after school.

I think his first morning went really well, and he did not show any signs of being younger or less ready than any of the other children. I am so proud of him!

There are some more pics in my galle
ry .

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