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Monday, 30 January 2006

"i wanted to go to school so much ..."

I am away from home in London at the moment.

I was told by the school secretary that Quinn is the youngest child in the school. As we had decided to send him 'early' after his School Readiness Assessment showed him to be ready.

We knew he was ready for the learning and academic aspect, I was less sure
about the school routine and rules and regulations side, and I expected that we'd have a settling in period where he had to get used to the uniform, getting dressed in the uniform each day, packing and unpacking his bag each day (lunch and aftercare clothes), a much more set school starting time, and loads of rules to follow within the day (lining up, sitting quietly), more scheduled play times, playing in school shoes etc etc.

I honestly thought we'd need to encourage and cajole him along, at least for the first month of so.

Quinn has been a STAR. In fact the only thing he needs to improve on is the speed at which he dresses, but he relishes putting on his uniform each day, and does it all himself save for tying his tie, which he will do soon too when he speeds up.

Each day when we get home he hangs up his blazer, puts his clothes in the laundry and unpacks his lunch bag. He also brings his homework bag to us to check. Up to now it's been work for me, but his homework starts this week.

I really don't think it could have gone better, and I am so so proud of him.

I am very happy with our decision to send him this year and can't imagine what we would have done with him for another whole year if he hadn't started school!

I was a little concerned about Quinn being unsettled by me being away, as he is quite sensitive and although he handles it well when I go, I know he doesn't like it.

I got the following message from home this morning. Awww :)


Hi Mommy,

i had my uniform on on saturday morning by the time dad woke up ... 'cos i thought it was a school day, and i wanted to go ...

and yesterday i got so bored while griffin slept (from 11:30 am until 4:30pm) ... that i wanted to go to school ...

and this morning i was all dressed ... with a squiff tie ... and untied laces ... by the time tiny arrived ...

and i am going to deelan on wednesday because his mummy spoke to my daddy this morning ...
and asked if i could please come play straight after school with no aftercare ...

we all miss you ...

love daddy posing as quinn

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