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Thursday, 12 January 2006

My beautiful sisters.

I have 2 sisters (and 2 step-sisters as well), one is younger and one is older than me. Although I was quite close to both growing up, especially with Belinda (Bee) as we shared a bedroom through most of our childhood, I am finding that I am feeling more and more fond of them now as the years go by.

They are both beautiful and accomplished women and I am very proud of them both.

We are all married with children now and all live in different cities, quite far apart, I am the furthest away. I wish I could see them more, and the infrequent times that we do get together we talk and talk and talk. It's fun. Bee and I inevitably turn into cats after being with each other for a short while, and always end up curled up and tickling each other's feet!

Catherine is my older sister and is very sophisticated, elegant, and poised. She is also very confident and capable. She dresses extremely well and always looks good. She has 2 gorgeous sons Stephen who is very nearly 10 and Thomas is 6.
I am the middle one... if you are reading this you probably know me - enough said! ;)

Belinda is my younger sister. She is caring, sensitive, ever-thoughtful, fun, friendly, capable, intelligent, ambitious and a brilliant mom (especially for a first timer) to Alastair Henry who is now 6 months old.

The three of us together at Belinda's wedding in October 2003. Do we look similar? I am not sure... but I know we all sound very similar.

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