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Friday, 20 January 2006

Raisin boys.

So yesterday I get this alarming e-mail from Richard while I was working...

"Just got a raisin out of griffins nose ...
I had to use tweezers ...
It nearly went up his sinus ..."

Niiice, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry... I chose to laugh!
The message is all the more concerning if you consider that we have a cat named Raisin....

I have heard of children shoving things into their orrifices, orrify, orrifici - holes in their bodies, and thankfully my children have never thought of doing it. Until now.

When I asked them later exactly what had caused a raisin to be right up Griffin's nose, it turned out that Quinn had decided it would be funny to place it there to look like a big black ball of snot. Griffin then proceeded to try to pick his big black ball of snot out of his nose, but only succeeded in inserting it further.

Luckily dad came to the rescue.

The joy of raising little boys... I am off to hide the matches!

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