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Saturday, 16 February 2008

I'm a groupie!

You may or may not have followed my growing obsession with the local band The Parlotones. They are arguably the best South African band EVAR, plus they have the bragging rights of being the first SA band to sign an international recording contract while still based in SA! (Most others have had to venture out into the world before being noticed and recognised, these guys are so good they were found right here).

I started noticing them on the radio a few years ago, and liked their songs immediately. I first saw them perform 18 months ago at Rocking the Daisies, and have been a firm fan ever since. So have the boys.

I am on their mailing list (I did say I am a groupie!) and so always know when they'll be performing in CT, and I was VERY disappointed that I couldn't make it to see them at last Sunday's Kirstenbosch Concert. I felt slightly better about it that it rained horribly all that day! *efg*

When my mailing list told me that they'd be performing at Bishops High School this week, which is like 1km from where I live, I was so excited and immediately made plans to be there... and so that's where we were last night.

I have seen them perform 3 times now and each time I am more and more impressed. Really they just frikken ROCK!

Bishops was having their summer fund raising concert, so it was a small relaxed crowd picnic-ing on the lawn. Unlike the 10 000 strong Kirstenbosch mob. So we lounged on the lawn with our nibbles and sipping bubbly while watching the Bishops Mirimba, and Acapella bands and then saw a fantastic show by the local (but internationally acclaimed) Zip Zap Circus. They are a very talented group! I especially liked the little girl who performed on the scarf apparatus. Very impressive!

Thanks to the small crowd I was able to stand right in the very front, with the other 15-year old groupies... oh wait I am not 15... oh well who cares, I act 15! ;) But I can drive.... and drink legally! (although not at the same time... well I can do both at the same time, but not legally... Whatever! You know what I mean!)

So there I was hanging over the railings and watching The Parlotones while swigging my beer, and singing along with gusto to every song - yes I know every word.... I am sure the girls around me where not impressed, but now that I am 33 and not 15 I no longer give a toss what the 'cool' 15 year old gang thinks ;)

The set totally rocked and I loved every minute of it.

Afterwards we lined up (Richard got there first and was #1 in line. w00t! - fid I mention I am a groupie? ;) ) and we got the band to sign my CD (I was bummed I didn't have *both in the car!), and then I snuck around the table to get a picture taken with Kahn (Yes, I know I look totally manic).

Here are some pics.

* I have both their albums (ok they actually have 3, but as Kahn told me himself (hahaha) the 3rd (which was the first) 'is totally arb'. ;)

I actually sent them an email (which Glen replied to!) telling them how much I love their music and how the boys and I sing along loudly (and badly) in the traffic in Cape Town, and how after not buying music for years - as most songs don't outlive their radio play with me, I have taken out my wallet twice in the last year - both times to buy a Parlotones CD!

If you haven't heard them here are some songs (they played all of these last night):
Louder Than Bombs
Giant Mistake
Dragonflies & Astronauts
The Sun Comes Out
Radio Controlled Robot
I'll Be There
Disappear Without a Trace
Funny Face
Here Comes the Man
Listen to them and enjoy... and then go buy their albums. They really deserve the support!

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  1. I'm a fan too!!!
    I absolutely love their music Jane :) I listen to their Cd at least two or three times a week on the way to work. They really are my favourite SA band at the moment. Right now Here comes a man and funny face are at the top of my list.
    I'm glad you enjoyed their concert!