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Friday, 15 February 2008

Quinn Athletics Day - Grade 3

I snuck off work this morning to go watch Quinn 's athletics race. I have a manged to make it every year so far, so I really didn't want to miss it.

Grade 1 report here
Grade 2 report here

Here is a comparison pic of Q from Grade 1 2 & 3 at the athletics meet.
The athletics goes from Grade 1 right up to Matric, with all the races scheduled so the big boys run their long races around the perimeter and the littler ones do short races in the inside of the track.

(Quinn runs with the Grade 2s as he is the youngest in his grade, and with a 3 Jan birthday he is in the under 8 category. At least it gives him a fighting chance...)

Griffin was there too since he is in the Grade R class, and they were brought over to cheer for their big schools. I got there with 10 mins to spare before their race, and just in time to go say hi to both and give them some illicit sweeties. I got a few snaps of them (I seem to be the only mom who walks all over and takes photos instead of just being in the stands LOL. I am not sure the teachers approve, but I dash in and out before anyone has time to moan at me ;) ) LOL.

Anyway before we knew it Quinn's group were lined up and ready for their race. And then they were off, and just as soon finished. 50m doesn't take very long!
I went back took a few more snaps, said good bye. Raced to work and sauntered in as if I always arrive at 09:20.
Anyway here is a collage pic of all the action:


  1. I have a Jan 4 birthday, and hated running with the kids in the year below us. Especially since one of them was a star track-athlete, lol. My own year was a lazy bunch - I probably would have gotten gold medals galore, but no. Had to run with my age-group ;-)

    I love that you sneak off from work to check out his race and take photo's and sweeties! You sound like a really fun mom.

  2. I'm sure Quinn really appreciates you making an effort to come and watch him run. Well done mommy!
    It also looks like he likes to pose for the camera - how cute :)

  3. He must be thrilled that you manage to get out of work to watch him! What a good mom you are!