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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Look she's wearing a skirt!

In the DAY time!

I never never used to wear skirts, at all.

I think I grew up feeling a bit too girlie and nerdy and a bit spaz. People used to pigeon hole me as really shy, and worse, conservative. I hated that!

Then, I went into a male dominated industry (engineering and then IT), and wearing the proverbial pants just seemed the right thing to do. For years I avoided lace, frills, pink or satin - fearing I'd look too conservative and farm-girlesque in it. Also I think having little kids is part of it. It's hard to run after a toddler and roll on the ground in a skirt! Plus when I used to do user support at work I did have to climb under desks etc at times... So I went the practical route and just wore pants - all the time. Jeans, tracksuits, trousers, shorts, whatever.

I wore black, brown, blue, grey and reds, and that was pretty much it.

In the past 4-5 years I have started adding more colour, and have even gone with some pinks! But skirts and dresses pretty much remained reserved for going out at night - barring the pregnancy tent dresses, which really just resemble large circus tents, nothing feminine about THAT!

Then 2 or 3 years ago I started buying a few long heavy winter skirts, and then a year or so later a few long flowwy summer skirts... but I still didn't wear them very often.

But recently I have started wearing more skirts more often - and heels too - and I am liking them. I seem to have broken that perception of me (whether it's internal or external who knows) and people now know I am just one of the guys and can cuss and joke (and drink) just like the rest of them if I want to. I feel I can do a bit of feminine and delicate without feeling nerdy and spaz, and can still be taken seriously.

My latest development seems to be wearing above the knee skirts. I found this one (and another similar but fuller black & white one) on Sunday and liked it. So this was me on Valentines 2008. It was after coming home from work hence the crazy messy hair!

I guess if I don't wear them now, I never will be able to...


  1. That looks great!
    I also haven't worn skirts/ dresses for years and years. And I'm also experiencing a renewed interest in them. Don't know if I'll go as far as buying the pink frilly one just yet. But one of these days, lol.
    (A big reason I haven't been wearing skirts is that they don't look too hot with Crocs, ha ha).

  2. You are looking great. I could have written these thoughts down word for word. I also "struggled" to find myself in a male dominated industry and have resorted to pink and skirts He he he

  3. I love the outfit! Very funky. And I think it looks great on you, you should wear skirts more often.

  4. I rode a motorcycle everywhere for nearly 30 years,before I got a car, so I lived in pants too, except for on really hot summers days when a long skirt swirling around one's legs is a lot cooler than clinging pants. You have the right figure for shorter skirts - I bet your BH loves them!