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Sunday, 3 February 2008

These legs were made for running...

These legs were made for running, and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these legs are gonna run all over you.... (Apologies to Nancy Sinatra - see the original song and lyrics) ;)

These are my beloved running shoes. They are the 2006 men's Asics Cumulus Gels. I got them on a sale at Sportsmans Warehouse marked down from R799 to something like R450! They have been absolutely great. They are light, comfy and support my feet well.

I have done well over 1500km in them and they are still going strong. I have not had a single blister or niggle with them at all. I used to suffer a bit with ITB flare ups in my old running shoes, but the moment I bought these babies that went away completely. I am dreading needing to replace them. I LOVE my running shoes! I actually call them my happy shoes, because just putting them on cheers me up ;)

Are you ready legs? Start running!


  1. Nothing quite like a bargain!
    Wish I could run, get a stitch in my side and too tired. Actually I hate running, my silicone boobies jiggle too much.

  2. LMAO - oh Mel that made me giggle! :)
    And yes the bargain thing is GREAT. I am a bargain hunter delux. DH reckons Trevor Manual should let me spend the government budget as he is sure I could also find houses marked down by 80% or something.

    One of my favorite games is: -Guess how much this is meant to cost? Followed by:- Guess how much I paid for it!!? ;)