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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Adrenalin-Junkie Alert

Man just got back from a work Go Karting Social and man it ROCKED! Big time. =)

I have only done it once before, about 4 years ago, with about 8 guys that I worked with at the time. They pretty much kicked my ass, and I was a bit intimidated, as they were a bit aggressive with the over taking.

This time I am older, and a bit more hard-core and daring. They teamed me up with the other 2 girls. Well, I whipped their little asses. I won by 2 & 4 laps respectively, and my fastest lap time was 24.7sec to their 30 something seconds... *rolls eyes* Girls! I actually hate being teamed with the girls especially in game like 30-seconds I get all frustrated when they are so bad at it (AND don't even care!) LOL.

Anyway then the guys raced afterwards, and while they were all faster than me (I bet I could get there if I tried! ), their lap times were 23.xx seconds) so not THAT much faster than me. I am so getting them back there, so I can challenge them.
What a rush!

My boys had such a blast too we found an empty parking lot close by and I did some circles/donuts in the car for them (NO drifting thanks I am not insane) and they though it was pretty rad. ;)

What a fun evening!
Jane Schumacher


  1. Oh that sounds so super cool Jane!!!

    LOL I also hate being paired with girls for certain things!

    Glad you kicked the boys asses though!!!

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome time. I also don't do well with all-girl-team sports. Never have, never will. :-)

  3. Jane Schumacher...LOL LOL LOL!!! Your sense of humour is coming back big time!