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Monday, 17 November 2008

Family Fun Day

After the Landmarks Race yesterday we went of to my work hosted family fun day - dog and all. We had a great time there.

They had Croquet, Boulles & Cricket competitions, as well as a jumping castle, swimming pool, spit braai and much beer. The boys and dog had an absolute blast and I hardly saw any of them, all 3 got lots of attention and were completely in their element. They ended up having wrestling matches in the pool while sitting on some of the guy's shoulders etc etc.

I had entered myself in the Cricket - as I had fancied myself as a bit of an amateur cricket star. Well it turns out it is clear that I am well, not. *harrumph* I don't have a bad eye for the ball at all, but I can't throw the damn ball far enough! So I am ok when playing with the kids and with a tennis ball, but with a hard ball and full sized pitch I am rather out of my league...

The first game we played I was all serious about it and made sure I was in suitable attire; shorts & tackies etc. I was out after facing only one ball. I hit my ball and got a run and then my team mate tipped the ball (only JUST) so I stayed in my crease, and then they decided on the spur of the moment there was a 'tip and run' rule. It was all confusing with stopping and starting and much indecision, and by the time I was convinced I HAD to run, I was run out easily. So I was out, tail between my legs, sulking, and with my cricket-star dreams in tatters. CRAP! So I drowned my sorrows with a couple of beers. The sure fire way to fix any minor problem or irritation :)

After lunch, which was a yummy lamb spit, I joined in a second cricket game, this time wearing a short tightish skirt and slops.I stayed in for ages this time, ironically. Pretty much every run I ran I managed to lose an item of clothing, and I was having to hoist my skirt up so I could actually run. So I was playing 'Strip cricket'. I lost my hat, slops, and my top! (I had another top on! and I did have a boy-leg bikini on under that skirt ;) )

While fielding I would go sprinting after the balls hit way back into the outfield, and then someone would have to chase after me, because although I can run to the ball and retrieve it quickly, it would then be stuck out there with me. So the other person would have to run almost the whole way out to me so that I could throw it to them and they could throw it on. How do you get muscle behind a throw and get it to TRAVEL!? (I do throw over arm).

Right at the end of the game one guy decided to see how hard/far he could hit and got someone to bowl him a speed ball. I was standing right there and Murphy's law he hit the ball full swing right at me. Thank god I have reflexes. As the ball hurtled towards me I did a matrix-like duck backwards and it literally whistled past my cheek bone! The guy about 20 metres behind me was also nearly taken out by it and asked me to please not duck like that next time as HE was nearly clapped. Dude get your own reflexes!

Anyway after that game my dignity was somewhat restored. So when I was invited to play Boulles. I decided to give it a try. I had NO idea how Boulles works as I had never even really watched it before. Well I won hands down! Yeehaa! There's SOMETHING I am good at! (I guess I am good at most things 'Bullish' being a Taurus and all *groan*.) It was really fun!

We all got home slightly roasted, relaxed, mellow and quite tired after a long and fun day in the sun. I don't feel like working today!

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