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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Monday, 30 March 2009

Operation Shit-Storm!

We were all knocked by some kind of tummy bug over the week-end. I just felt crampy, lethargic and a bit spaced out from when I woke up yesterday morning, and G had a crampy tummy too (J's daughter was apparently vomiting all day too).

TANGENT: I actually had the scare of my life yesterday morning, I bought a bottle of ice cold sparkling water as I was feeling crappy and thought some water would help. As I was driving away from the shop with Q, I opened it and took a large sip while stopped at a red light. As it hit my diaphragm my chest totally spasmed, I doubled over and could not breathe or move or even see properly. I got cold and sweaty and just WEIRD. I gasped and told Q though pants that I was not sure if I could drive... luckily no one was behind me so I was able to hessitate for a while. I finally managed to pull away. I rounded the corner and then pulled off the road as soon as I could, to get out of the traffic. I was fairly sure I was going to pass out actually. It really felt like it. I opened the window and lay back for a few minutes trying to breath and get the cramping to subside.
I think I must have had wind trapped under my diaphragm, from the tummy-big thing, and the cold water must have reacted badly with it. It was incredibly scary, all-consuming, and what I gather a heart attack must feel like (you know those ppl who rush to hospital and then get told they have indigestion? It must be THAT). Damn it freaked me out. Anyway so that's the kind of day I'd had...Tangent over.

Quinn had been fine all day. Until I heard a very weird noise and came out of a super deep-sleep last night at 12:15. I wasn't sure what I'd heard but I just knew it was a weird noise IN the house. I ran to the passage to find only darkness. I called out and no one replied... So I walked down the passage a few paces and saw that the bathroom door was closed. So I turned on the light and flung it open to find...

Q quivering in the bathroom (in the dark) literally covered in shite.

TG he made it to the bathroom - but only JUST. He stood just inside the entrance to the toilet and just literally exploded. Uuuurgh!

I'll spare you any MORE details but OMFG that is by far the worst mess I have ever had to deal with EVAR. I can not describe how much it grossed me out, and I have changed PLENTY o nappies....I totally freaked out. Had to get Q and clothes into the shower and he dealt with that and his clothing and I had to clean the bathroom floor....

*erases memory*

NOT a good way to wake up. I must say the morning came far too soon and the thought of a day in bed appealed A LOT. But I logged onto my work email from home last night (first time ever actually, it was mostly to test and see if a personal email had been repsonded to) to find a message to all from the CEO announcing salary and head-count freezes across the board and 9 more retrenchments... So I thought it was best to just get my butt here and do my job with a smile on my face!!!


  1. i have a desperate urge to dive for cover. poor you. eek

  2. URGH - the joys of having kids and gastro.