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Monday, 16 March 2009

What's in a name?

The boys and I had a long drive on Saturday morning to an adventure race we were participating in, and at one point Quinn said, 'It's important to have boys, because if you just have girls the family name can't carry on'. He said daddy had said so...

So we got into quite a discussion about it and I told them that it's not necessarily so, because girls can and do keep their own surname when they get married sometimes. And that anyone can change their names, or not, as they wish to. The family name tradition is no longer such a big deal.

I told them that I did choose to change my name when I got married, and have kept it now that I am divorced, so that I have the same name as them. But I went on that I could choose to change it back to my maiden name if I wanted to. We discussed further and then Quinn asked if he could also change his name to my maiden name and I said yes he could if he wanted to, or he could change it to something else entirely.

Then before I knew it both boys had decided they want my maiden name as their surname too! They think it is nicer.

I am not really sure if I can or should pursue this. I will probably just leave it for now anyway, I am sure they are not that set on the idea, plus I have a feeling it would cause issues, and more of those I really don't need...


  1. It can be done but you would need R's consent on the forms to do it - both of you would need to sign the forms.

  2. I loved being a Mrs. so therefore changed my name (the second time)