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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Orgasmic box scheme

I have subscribed to an organic fruit & veggie box scheme:

I have selected a fortnightly delivery to start with. My first box will be delivered on Thursday. I am excited to see how it goes.

It is reasonably priced, convenient and ethically & environmentally friendly.

Check it out here: GANICS

• We care about our producers, we are flexible and appreciative with them
• We work with small, independent producers
• We buy our produce on the basis of taste, not looks
• Our fruit and veg are seasonal
• Organic food is everything we do – not just an add-on
• Everything we sell is delicious!
• Everything we sell is natural – no additives
• Everything we sell is ethical – no moral dilemmas in the aisles!
• A weekly shop takes under ten minutes with us
• We can deliver regularly so your shopping takes care of itself
• Our customers are proud to buy from us!
I'll report back on the orgasmic part once I have tried and tested it. ;)

Update: My first box arrived last night:

Here it is...

I think it looks yummy!! Haven't tasted anything yet, but it all looks fresh nutritious, natural and tasty... (It's quite a deep box so you can't see everything and I just took a quick snap on the way out last night....

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  1. a friend of mine from riding uses them as well. says they are good.