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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Milkwood 10km

I ran the Milkwood Race for the first time this morning. There was a 21.1, 10 and 5km race. I decided to do the 10km race, I was definitely not feeling up for another half marathon. Especially not so soon after the last one!

Last night I was wondering why I had entered another bloody race. The last thing I left like doing was waking up early. But I am glad I did, there was simply stunning weather and scenery. The full moon and gorgeous sunrise alone made it worth while. There was a pretty nasty hill from around 3-6km though! Ouch. I finished in a respectable 53.21 mins though, which I was satisfied with. (I finished a few seconds behind the half-marathon winner. Hahaha). In this race instead of a medal you get a little baby Milkwood tree to plant in your garden. Cool idea. I love it. I hope I can get mine to grow!

I saw Lindy, Paul, Greg, Gert, Jeremie & Vanessa at the race. Steve was a no show AGAIN. And I finally met Sean in person! He is just as much of a character in real life. What a card.

After the race I went to breakfast with Jeremie and Vanessa and a bunch of their cool friends. It was fun.

It was a lovely morning and great way to spend Mother's Day since I was sans children.

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