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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Beer Challenged

So yesterday was the Men's Health 10km Lighthouse Race in Moullie Point. I again issued a Beer Challenge to all and sundry. (A race review can be found HERE).

I haven't run a race since my disastrous run/day in October. So even though I am less fit than before, it was time to come back.

Unfortunately only the willing competition was far too able too. Our company/my friends are far too young/fit actually... makes me look positively inadequate. I need to trade them in on some lesser models I think...

So last night I was competing against:

- Beryl -  hard-core long distance adventure racer who does the Puffer, the Bat run, The Table Mountain Challenge etc etc.
- Marilie - 1 hard core major cyclist and trail runner. Came 3rd in Summer Trail Series.=, and cycles the Cape Epic, Karoo to Coast etc.

- John - Iron-man competitor!
- Jason - 1 Muay Thai & general fitness freak (think 80 push-ups/sit-ups in 60 seconds. I kid you not!)
- Clinton - serious club runner, does time trials and races basically every week. Runs a 1:35 half marathon!
- Scott & Ash  - 2 of the directors out from London both of whom run a lot.

The final score...
John won with a convincing 44 mins. Clinton was just seconds behind him.
Marilie and Scott finished together in 46 mins.

Jason finished at 50 mins.

I started strong and near the front but by 3km in everyone had passed me. I was suffering in the heat a bit and not really enjoying myself. It was very very hot and dry out there. Not an easy race! Instead of killing myself I slowed down and just carried on, hoping to at least enjoy the rest of the race. The second half was much better as it started to cool down a little. At 9km to my total surprise I saw Ash just up ahead. There was no way I was going to stop or let him win after that. So I turned up the music and pressed on. I became aware of people ahead of me turning around to see who was huffing and wheazing behind them (I have been slightly chesty for a few weeks which hasn't helped). LOL. Anyway I managed to hold my lead and crossed the finish line at 55 minutes. Ash finished about a minute behind me. (I believe he is pretty bummed to have been defeated by me as I was unanimously considered the weakest contender of the group by far - nice!)

So my time was ok, not great, and not terrible. My best ever time for a 10km is 51:25.

44mins is not realistic for me (now) especially considering my last race was mid-Oct last year. Still I am glad I did it, and the beer was good afterwards! :)

I never understood the beer thing until I played action soccer one day and was so hot I chugged a beer afterwards and suddenly GOT IT! :)

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