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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Fit as assessed

Yesterday was my bi-annual Fitness assessment.

The push-up and sit-up components of the test have been removed, because apparently too many people were being injured. Ok, then! Dissappointing because I was expecting to do quite well this time.

He said, for my age and gender, over all my fitness is in the 'excellent' category. And I have just banked about 15 000 vitality points, plus about 10 000 from my health screening yesterday. :)

My measurements were as follows (last year's results in brackets):
Weight: 55kgs (57.5kgs)
Height: 166cm
BMI: 19.7 (21)
Waist Circumference: 67cm (70cm)
Body Fat percentage: 23.5% (21.1% - ??so I lost a bunch of weight but have more fat? ... nice.)
BP Systolic: 110 (110)
BP Diastolic: 70 (60)

My Maximum Functional Capacity - Done as a (25cm) step test with 4x 2-minute stepping intervals with increasing tempo, and 1-minute rest breaks between them:

Max Functional Capacity: 56.8 - excellent (quite a bit higher than the 46.1 last time)
Max HR (bpm) - 132 (was 130 last time)
Avg HR (bpm) - 110 (was 89 last time)
Duration (min) - 12
I must admit I find this rather confussing. I appear to be LESS fit than last year but my overall result is better...?

Straight Leg Raise (deg) - 130 degrees - excellent
Sit-and-reach stretch (touch toes) (cm) - 59cm - excellent

I need to up my cardio work outs a bit and get my heart rate down a bit again. Hills and trail running required, but other wise I am doing pretty ok I think.


  1. Sjoe, that is great Jane. I tend to have ostrich politics when it comes to this sort of assessments ...rather stick my head in the ground:)

  2. Heavens girl! You are doing fantastic.