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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

My fund-raising entrepreneurs

It has just been the boys' annual school Big Swim, where they have to get sponsorship and then swim a number of lengths to raise money for the various charities and causes the school supports. I loathe knocking on doors, or begging friends and colleagues for donations and sponsorships, so I told the boys I'd give them R50 each and be done with it.

Instead they asked me if they could try to raise MORE. So they decided to use my R100 as seed money to be entrepreneurial and to try to increase their funds (there is a competition for the boys who raise the most money in each class). So we discussed it and came up with a plan. We bought a heap of marshmallow Easter eggs with the money, which they sold at school (we cleared the idea with the respective teachers first who were very impressed and readily agreed) and I also helped them by setting up shop at work.

So instead of asking people to 'donate' money, we sold easter eggs at a profit, R3 each or R5 for 2.

Everyone craves something sweet in the afternoons and most people have a few rand on hand. So these were right there at the kitchen and whenever someone went to make coffee they'd end up buying a few...

The boys sold their eggs over 2 days, they made their own posters and set up next to the tuck-shop to peddle their Easter eggs at school on Friday and Monday and managed to bring in R60 that way. Not nearly as much as I raised at work where I was selling them for 4 days, but at least they tried and learned a lot along the way. They dutifully brought their left overs home at the end of each day– eating only the ONE each I told them they could have.

The eggs cost R1.15 each. I think we ended up buying about 180 in the end, using the profits made in the beginning to buy more as we went along...

Griffin took R120 to school on the day of his Big Swim – Friday.

Quinn went in with R173 today.

So they managed to turn R100 into R293, which is pretty good going and they are thrilled. Their teachers were impressed both with their entrepreneurial flair and for getting their money handed in so promptly and they have been given several merits in reward.

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