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Friday, 12 February 2010

Still Vital

I had for my Vitality Health Assessment again today. The last was in Feb 2009.

I do these firstly to earn the Vitality points, so I can stay on gold status and benefit from 30% off Kulula flights etc. SCORE! But I also do it because I don't go to the doctor... as in EVER. I just don't. I never get sick enough to warrant it as far as I am concerned, and if I do get sick it is a cold or migraine and in a day or 3 I get better again, no doctor or prescription necessary... But that said I am not negligent and although I tend to be and feel pretty fit and healthy I think regular screenings of the basics is a good idea as this is a good early warning system for any other issues which may be brewing or lurking in the wings. So this is my annual screening to see if I am likely to survive another year health-wise.

As luck would have it I had the same nurse as last year and she remembered me, I told her I was STILL not bothered by needles or drawing of blood so to go ahead.
This year's results:
- Glucose levels 4.9 (4.4 last year) - I think the late night chocolate snacking last night added to the reading this morning. ;)
- Cholesterol 3.8 (4.99 last year)
- Blood pressure 115/75 (125/75 last year)
- My weight 55kgs (57kgs last year) YAY!
- My height is still the same 1.66m
- Waist circumference 68cm (71cm last year) Woohoo!
- My HIV status still negative. Whew!

She agreed that it was safe to assume I would live for another year - yippee! ;)

I do my fitness assessment in a week or so. I suspect I am a bit less fit than last time though. Oh well.

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