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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Lara Croft here we come...

After letting winter, the world cup, a slightly dickey knee, general laziness, lots of cold, rain and wind, too much socialising, getting DSTV and any other excuses you care to add into the mix... I ended up slightly less fit and abit more fat over the past month or 2.

I managed to gain about 2kgs since Easter, and was not thrilled about, but thanks to the above excuses had not had the time or inclination to actually DO something about it.

But last week Wednesday while it was cold and raining I thought dammit I will do SOMETHING.

I used to regularly do katabox classes. At least once if not twice a week. They are awesome. Full cardio work-out, very toning and exhausting but invigorating at the same time. You get all your frustrations and aggro out and feel amazing afterwards and quite empowered too.

I have not been to a class for 1.5 or possibly even 2 years - I stopped somewhere around the time of my divorce and when visitation started getting dodgy and inconsistent. So I wasn't actually sure I could even DO a class anymore. But I decided to give it a go.

So off I went to the gym, where the legendary energiser-bunny Norman is STILL the instructor - YAY. And I did the class while the boys merrily pottered around the gym trying a few things and playing on the PCs.

I am pleasantly surprised to find that I could still keep up with the class, and in fact seemed to be keeping up rather well actually. (Is it possible that I am actually quite fit!??). By the end I was on a total high. I LOVED it.

So much so that I have been scanning the timetables and found classes to attend on Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday evening this week. Yes that's right 3 classes on 3 consecutive nights - with 3 different instructors too.

On Monday I added an 8km run, and Wednesday a 5km run before the class too. I am back baby, and LOVING IT. I am rather proud of myself actually and am feeling much better and stronger (in all aspects) too. :)

I'd batter start looking like Lara Croft soon...

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