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Friday, 30 July 2010

Quinn c-toma - we met the Prof

So we met with the ENT Prof yesterday. What a lovely man he was! Quinn was very nervous at first when we got there, but warmed to him and settled down quickly. (I think the prof title might have been intimidating for him, and I think he expected old, stern and formal) ;)

Anyway he gave Quinn's ears a good clean out - and removed lumps of skin and stuff from both. Quinn found it quite painful and unpleasant but he stayed perfectly still and was very brave.  The Prof seemed impressed with the work done to the right ear - our ENT is FABULOUS. :) He said it looks like it is healing very well and seems stable. He did mention that the fact that the stapes bone was damaged makes it harder to do reconstruction work on that side but it may still be possible going forward. But otherwise all seems well with that side.

He confirmed that there is definitely a cholesteatoma growing in the left ear too and it will need to be treated with surgery (as we know). He agrees that it looks less extensive than the right was but he does expect that the oscicles have been implicated and expects that Quinn's hearing my may negatively impacted after the surgery. We understand this, and we accept this as a risk/outcome, as our primary concern is still to get rid of the c-toma and make his ears safe and stable. He also discussed the possibility of the tasting nerve being impacted. Quinn claims the right side tasting is normal again - I am not sure if that is actually possible or if he has just got used to it and assimilated it as a new normal now. I am not sure.

He did not look at the CT Scan while we were there but we left it with him, so I am sure he will study it and see what it reveals.

He asked us what the next steps are and when surgery is to go ahead and who is doing it. I said we are happy for the surgery to be as soon as possible and will go with his recommendations for timing and who is to carry out the procedure etc.

I think that was everything.

We are ready to tackle this asap, the sooner the better. Both to get the problem sorted out and to get him healed and functional for school, general life, sport, summer and swimming etc etc.

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  1. Good luck to you both on this very tough road ahead.