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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Security replaces carefreeness

So after a terrible spat of crime nearby recently and some nasty incidents quite close to home, I started feeling rather vulnerable alone here, especially at night. We have already had one break-in incident in the early hours and while I was brave and proactive that time, I really don't want to have to confront that situation again. To the point that I have taken to sleeping with my bedroom door locked, to at least ensure that I am not going to wake up with someone standing over me, and would have the ability to make a call from inside my room if needed. I found I was sleeping badly, listening for sounds all the time, and this gives my subconscious peace of mind.

So I bit the bullet and got an alarm and armed response facility set-up last month.

Now we need to remember to arm and disarm the alarm every time we come and go. The boys thing this is great and argue about who gets to do this - hope that lasts.

I also have a night time setting so I can arm the doors and far end of the house while we are sleeping. Today at 05:45 the alarm triggered. I was up like a shot. Hit my panic button and then phoned through on my mobile too.

Seems it was nothing and nothing further has transpired. But now I am awake and alert.

I am not sure if this is better. I liked the way I never used to think about crime or feel fearful. Somehow this seems necessary now though an I like that I at least can call someone now. It does make me feel a bit more protected.

I mean despite doing 4 kata-box classes in the last week (yes you read that right 4. I am BACK baby!!) I do know I am not that strong and it is not actually responsible for me to take sole ownership of the boys and my safety and security.

I'd like to stay unparanoid about security and just keep up the level of awareness we have of it now...

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