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Monday, 19 September 2011

Blood Test Results

So my blood test results came back today. The Doc called me to tell me the news, she rattled everything off pretty fast.. but this is what I managed to catch:
- Full blood count - Normal - she didn't mention numbers.
- ESR (Erythrocyt Sedimentation Rate - inflammation marker used to check for infections & some cancers & autoimmune diseases as far as I know?) - Normal
- Ferritin - 53 Good
- Haemoglobin 14.1 - Good
- Thyroid (TSH) - Normal
- Progesterone - 1.4 Normal
- Oestrogen - 49 Low

So she is asking for an additional hormone test for FSH - to see if I am ovulating at all because that will show whether the low oestrogen is linked to ovulation (I have a Mirena IUD so actually have no idea any more) or if I am possibly pre-menopausal. I did not see that one coming! :lol: :roll:

And you now all officially know TMI about me!

Oh and I have 2x interviews this week to try to get out of the mad-house I am in which is causing all my stress...

I have to go for the stress ECG tomorrow morning to see how my heart handles cardio-stress. Should be fun.

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  1. I hope you find the answer. I was premenopausel before th twins but it seems the pregnancy has helped a lot! (Of course actually getting pregnant was not easy) Anyways, now I have cholesterol issues and my BP is always low - seem the cholesterol meds help to control that as a side effect - am feeling so much better.