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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Heart Broken...? Hope not!

I am just back from my doctor's appointment, after deciding I really did need to see one, after monitoring my BP and pulse rate for a while now....

I was also starting to suspect I may have an issue with Hypothyroidism (i.e. under active thyroid) because I seem to have about 90+% of the symptoms...

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism:
* Fatigue - check
* Weakness - check
* Weight gain or increased difficulty losing weight - check
* Coarse, dry hair - check
* Dry, rough pale skin - check
* Hair loss - check
* Cold intolerance (you can't tolerate cold temperatures like those around you) - check
* Muscle cramps and frequent muscle aches - sometimes
* Constipation - occasionally
* Depression - check
* Irritability -check
* Memory loss - can't remember
* Abnormal menstrual cycles - dunno have a Mirena
* Decreased libido - check

Then a friend loaned me his Heart Rate monitor so I have been wearing it for the past few days... I saw that my heart rate goes all the way down to 40bpm quite often, and was even dipping as low as 35BPM at times!!!

While I was cycling up a tough hill on the week-end the highest it went was 155, and Sunday while running it went up to 165. But otherwise it's right down, and even those high numbers are relatively low. I should be able to get it up to 180-190...

So even though apart from my broken ankle (when I waited a full 6 days before I even went in) and the general insurance blood screenings every 3 years this is my FIRST GP visit since um... I had flu when I was just pregnant with Quinn and my manager said he'd only sign off my time-sheet if I went to the doctor. Before that I was 15. I decided this was significant enough to do something about it. I have just had a niggly feeling that all is not right and I needed to be checked out. So today I went off to the doctor.

The Doc thinks I was right to be concerned and has sent blood off for:
- Full blood count work up
- Ferrous levels
- Thyroid (TSH)
- Progesterone
- Oestrogen

I was also sent for an ECG, after I showed her the HR monitor which is showing an average pulse rate of 45BPM over past 12 hours - That is VERY low.

I have been referred to a cardiologist specialist because she wants me to go for a stress test ECG and other tests to check whether this is normal for me, or if there is something more serious wrong. Apparently the Reynaud's combined with Bradicardia can be things like Schleroderma and Lupis etc...

At least I now know why I am so tired and drained and un-energetic all the time these days. She wants me to back off on cardio activities for now, until we know more (BUMMER because although I am too 'tired' to do much of them a lot of the time now it's the only time I do feel more or less normal these days). She also agrees with me that it sounds like my (SUCKASS CRAP) job is contributing to this a lot and agrees I should be looking to make a change there since it is clearly affecting my health directly and rather dramatically. ALL my symptoms and issue lead right back to when I started this job... too much so to be a coincidence.

So there you have it. The cardiologists charge around R2200 CASH per appointment! When I was told this I told them my pulse and BP were suddenly up thanks, so no need for the appointment any more... Holy Crap. :shock: :shock:
Also 5 out of 6 cardio's earliest appointment is END of October. Nice. So your heart is at risk but you must wait 6 week before they'll see you...?! Thank-fully I finally found a cheaper, closer guy who can see me on Tues. Yay. So I'll find out more then.

Right now I really want to go for a cycle... but I'm too tired (to even sit up straight, I am slouched/half lying on my desk)!

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