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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Pulse Rate & Blood Pressure

What sort of pulse rate and BP do you have?
My pulse has become crazy low - I think.

Today at 3pm my resting (middle of a boring meeting) pulse was 40bpm! :shock:
Last night at the gym after a 13km run and some sit-ups and stretching it was 55bpm.
Now after dinner it is 46bpm.

My blood pressure last night was 100/58, a few weeks ago it was 90/58.

I know lower is better than high, on both counts, but I am thinking this is fairly excessively low - even for me - and could be a big part of why I am:
- Suffering from Reynaud's Syndrome a lot this winter
- Have been cold all the time and have been
- Putting on weight

Does it sound like a need a check-up?
Noting that I had a life insurance basic health screening with a nurse recently - weight/height/ cholesterol/BP etc. and she remarked on how low my BP was but didn't seem concerned about it...

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