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Monday, 28 November 2011

Cycled my butt off in the wind

On Saturday I went for a cycle. It seemed to be a good idea at the time...but the wind was PUMPING in Cape Town and flipping heck it was SO HARD to get back in that wind! It was sheer dogged willpower and determination that got me home. I may also have been muttering some profanities at times too. I went over Constantia Nek via Wynberg and then into Houtbay, up over Suikerbossie, through Camps Bay to Seapoint where I stopped for a break and to get a drink and then back via town and lower main road.

That last 15km was killer with direct pumping head wind. I was being buffeted around and even though I was on 3rd from lowest gear was struggling to keep moving forward. Insane!

By the time I got home I'd done 56km and it took well over 3 hours.

Quinn took pity on me and gave me a nice foot rub. While rubbing my calves  he said my legs are more muscular and firm than they used to be. Apparently they used to be 'floppy'. He then said my butt is smaller and firmer too, because previously 'When you were doing kata-box, your bum would be doing it's own kata-box...' Hahaha, he certainly keeps my ego well in check!

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