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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Griffin is 10!

So Griffin turned 10 on Saturday.
His birthday has been pretty low-key for the past 2 years. No real party or celebrations to speak of really apart from the cake at school and obligatory Spur dinner. Especially last year when I went and broke my ankle the week before so even the cake at school thing was a challenge to arrange.

This year I wanted to make sure that the momentous occasion of his DOUBLE DIGITS birthday did not go by without a minor fanfare.

And so on Thursday we prepared a large cake and some sweet for him to take to school. He shared with his class, favourite teachers, friends and a few parents who are kind and helpful to us too. I think he even saved a piece for Tiny. I think I was the only person who didn't get any actually... (But it's ok I more than made up for it over the rest of the week-end!)

Then on Friday evening he had cubs, where more of a fuss was made. Then on Saturday on the day of his actual birthday he was woken up by Quinn with coffee and breakfast and a collection of vouchers Quinn had created for him. These included vouchers for 'Coffee', 'Foot rub', '3-hours uninterrupted XBOX time' and best of all 'Slave Duties for a Day'. Wow! Quinn is a complete sweet-heart when it comes to stuff like that.
After I woke up I gave him the gift I had for him. I also popped Max the kitten into his gift bag, since Max was actually his main birthday gift - even though we have had her for 2 weeks already. He enjoyed opening his gifts and was especially thrilled with the Swiss Army Knife from our friend Tim.
We baked birthday cakes after that and while they were cooling we went off shopping. As the other main gift he was getting (from me and ex-MIL) was a pair of decent training shoes. He has only had cheap and crappy tackies up till now, and as a result he trips over his feet, gets blisters and generally doesn't relish physical activity. Since he is becoming keen on the 5km races he's been doing and hiking he really needed some better shoes. Off we went to the Cape Storm shop and managed to find some lovely Montrail Trail-shoes at 50% off. They were supposed to be R900 and we got them for R450. He LOVES them. Hopefully this will help him to get a bit more sporty and competitive.
After the shopping trip we went to Wimpy for lunch, then home to finished the cakes. I made one for a tea party with friends that afternoon, and another for his party the next day.
At 4pm our friends came over and we chatted and played and ate cake. Griff's friend Maxine was left behind as she was staying for the night. A while later we joined more friends at Spur for his birthday dinner. With more singing and sparklers and ice-cream etc.

On Sunday he had his Bowling Party with 10 friends. His cake was a Skittle and Bowling Ball to represent the 10 and the Bowling Party.
We finished off on Sunday at the gym where he swam and played.

I think he had a great birthday week-end and really enjoyed it.

I love you my special precious boy who really 'gets' me. Happy Birthday. I am proud of you!


  1. Looks like a bumper birthday celebration to me! Happy Bday young man. And Tim does know what boys like...

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend for him :)